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a piece of magnetized steel will only

Le 22 décembre 2017, 05:32 dans Humeurs 0

Do you think this magnetic principle is true in your own life? Do you believe that you can attract the things you want-like success, power, and self-confidence?

Human beings are like magnets and the principle holds true: like attracts like. Whatever is in your mind at any given monment is the thing you are inviting to come and live with you, just as a magnet "invites" iron ore, so too, you attract the things that are in your mind. If you affirm your positive thoughts, you will attract greater and greater good in your life. However, the opposite is also true. If you affirm self doubt and worry thoughts, you will multiply these pessimistic affirmations and attract more and more negativity into your life.

Discovery #3: Visualization and Effort Will Lead to Achievement

But thought alone will not completely magnetize you. As is true of anything worth attaining in life, hard work, dedication to your goals, and an unerring sense of faith are needed to actualize the ultimate attraction. If you can first think it--see it in your mind's eye and visualize it--and achievement will surely follow.

Discovery #4: You Can Attract the Ideals You Desire Through Right Thought and Action

If you are ready to begin attracting the ideals you truly desire, like prosperity, success, security, and self-confidence, then you should be spending your time paying attention to what you are thinking about during your day.

"Think the things you want. The profoundest philosophy is locked up in these few words. Think of them clearly, persistently, concentrating upon them with all the force and might of your mind, and struggle toward them with all your energy. This is the way to make yourself a magnet for the things you want.

Here is a 3-Step exercise you can do for a week to see what you are thinking about during the day.

Step #1: Get a notbook and pen and carry it with you wherever you go.

Step #2: Write down all your thoughts during a given day.

how can I get my social life back?

Le 15 août 2017, 06:23 dans Humeurs 0

Everyone thinks students spend their time partying and getting drunk. Not me: last semester, I spent every weekend stacking shelves.

It wasn’t really by choice. I was working weekend shifts in a supermarket to make ends meet. Before uni, I’d spent my A-levels trying to study in between shifts, at the same time as dealing with the distractions of being 18 and discovering alcohol.
Week after week, I was in the aisles, knowing my friends were out in bars or clubs while I was cleaning and closing up the shop. The lowest point was my best friend’s birthday: I’d spent a week trying to find cover for my Friday night shift (I was unsuccessful), and by the time I got out of work and into town I couldn’t find them. Just try phoning your friends to meet up after they’ve had a few – it’s impossible.

I thought it would get easier when I left school. But after starting as a journalism student last September, I found I was balancing even more commitments. My only time to do assignments was during the week, after a long day at college. I’d studied hard to get on to the course, and worked hard to keep my job. My main source of social interaction was the elderly regulars coming in to get their milk and bread HKUE lihkg.

Figures show I wasn’t the only one. A 2015 survey by NUS Services on behalf of Endsleigh found that 77% of students work to fund their studies, with 63% having a part-time job and a third working during the term. It also found that 14% of students held a full-time job during term, holidays or both. It’s a vicious cycle: student debt is piling up, yet many students aren’t attending classes because they have to work just to get by at university.

I started to worry that my job was affecting my personal life – never mind my studies – and even my mental health.
Systemic psychotherapist Prof Gerry Cunningham of Ulster University points out that working inevitably puts extra pressure on students. “People extend themselves – they pick up a full-time course, try to aim for a good grade, meet deadlines, seek employment, maybe even start a family. They work to their limit,” he says.

“Zero-hour contracts can be difficult for a student as they have less time to plan around. One night, they plan to sit for three hours doing an assignment but they get a call from work asking them to come in. Then, when the pressure of a course increases, it does get difficult for a student to balance things out.”

So how can students balance these pressures – and get a bit of their social life back,Hong Kong is the ultimate urban destination, but visitors can take an inside look at Lamma Island's Hong Kong fishing village to experience the tranquil countryside and village culture. Visit for more details?

“Get to know yourself,” Cunningham suggests. “Know what you can manage, know your situation and what you can take on. When you are experiencing high levels of stress, alert someone. The earlier, the better.”
The more I thought about it, the more I realised I had to make a decision: study, work or play? I wasn’t able to do all three.

I took the difficult decision to quit my job. Not everyone has this option, which makes me relatively lucky. But my lack of income means it still isn’t easy. I have to be more careful than ever with what I spend without my wages to fall back on. That said, I’m definitely happier now – and I think it’s because I’m less stressed.

I don’t have to worry about getting to work on time and I no longer have to panic over whether I’ll finish my assignments. My weekends are my own: I can socialise on the cheap, look for work experience, or just be lazy and stay in watching Friends.But for some students, this simply isn’t an option. Michaela McCallion, who studies computer science and has a part-time job in a restaurant, says: “I just try to manage my time. I aim to get most of my university work done throughout the week and between shifts at work so I can have at least two days to socialise – although there are a lot of late nights due to assignment work and my job,PolyU offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.

“My advice would be to not forget to take a break from both studying and working. You cannot focus on anything if you too are stressed out. Leave the room to relax, chat with friends, or even take a whole day off.”

The realities of student life have changed over recent years. Your time at university is meant to be the best of your life, we’re often told, and I’m doing my best to keep it that way. But financial pressures mean it’s far from carefree.

many destinations to choose from

Le 27 juillet 2017, 06:28 dans Humeurs 0

Both stateside and internationally. First, perhaps you need to decide on a climate or if weather doesn't bother you then where is that one place that you would like to go rental website for houses?


There are many places to see in California. Maybe you would prefer to go skiing in Colorado? How about seeing the historical sites of the south or maybe the northeast? Have you considered Alaska? There are many different places that you could visit, and each one brings something different to the table. Here in America you can see many places that have affected the condition of our country hong kong shopping.


If you go to central or South America then you can see thriving cultures set against what are still considered to be wild and uninhabited. You can see something fairly similar in South Africa but with a whole different culture and with an extremely different kind of wild. Perhaps the bustling cities of northern Africa, sometimes called the Middle East, are more to your taste, you like to live close to the edge. What about the ancient cultures mixed with cutting edge technology in parts of Asia? Then you have Europe, with some of the most traveled areas in the world.


Each area does bring a totally different perspective in so that within each general area there are more specific areas. If you are looking for something as vague as someplace with a small population and minimal inhabitation then you can look at parts of; Australia, Asia, Canada, South America, South Africa, northern Europe and Russia Love.


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