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Can We Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

Le 3 janvier 2017, 04:58 dans Humeurs 0

It has been the bane of every women's existence since the dawn of time - the affliction known as cellulite. We all have it to varying degrees, and it seems to get worse as we get older in many cases. So, should we just resign ourselves to the fact that it is here to stay, or is there a way to fight and get rid of cellulite?


Thankfully, the answer is yes, we can fight cellulite, or at least the appearance of cellulite, through several therapeutic treatments that are available on the market today. It is not, however, a one-time deal. Once you stop the treatments, the cellulite will inevitably return. So, the treatment of cellulite is an ongoing commitment, and it should be incorporated as part of your daily beauty regimen for consistent and lasting reduction in it's appearance.


Some of the over-the-counter cellulite treatments actually do quite a good job of significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness with these products, it is imperative that you massage the affected areas vigorously for a few minutes when applying the treatment. In addition to the smoothing and tightening ingredients in the treatment, the massaging stimulates circulation and helps break the collagen bands that have constricted and resulted in the "puckered" look of the affected areas. The most effective ingredients, and what gives these products their smoothing effects, are caffeine and aminophylline. Many also add seaweed extract as well, but this is not the most effective ingredient in the product.


In addition to the cellulite creams, lotions and gels, there is a procedure called endermology that has many women reporting extraordinary results. It is actually a large mechanical pressure device that uses a technique similar to the process of a rolling pin rolling out dough to make cookies. This action kneads the problem areas with substantial pressure to break down the aforementioned collagen bands, and smooth the sponginess and puckering out for an even and toned appearance. Drawbacks are it is expensive and does require return visits for maintenance, it can be an uncomfortable and even slightly painful process, and it may result in some temporary bruising.


Another option is oral herbal or medicinal remedies for cellulite. Beware though. There have not been significant studies or proof verifying whether these products actually produce results. I cannot recommend investing in or experimenting with these newer products until substantial findings or proof are published regarding their effectiveness.


So, what else causes cellulite? This question is still the subject of scientific debate. We definitely know that it mostly affects women, so there is much speculation that the underlying cause is hormonal in nature. Many other studies suggest it is related to age, diet, genetics, and fitness/level of activity. It has been noted that strength and toning exercises, as well as steady weight maintenance will help with the appearance of cellulite. Frequent weight fluctuation, high fat diets, and even excessive carbonated beverages have been some of the suspected culprits as well.


Whatever the cause, if you want to minimize these unsightly dimples, there are options out there for you that are effective and affordable. New breakthroughs are being made every day in the field of cosmetic enhancement products, so we may soon see another product that blows them all away. It may be tomorrow, for all we know!

10 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Le 1 décembre 2016, 04:23 dans Humeurs 0

Most people can not accept aging in their life, they want to reverse the process as much as possible, the truth is that we all age, but aging is not normal in most cases, the reality is that we experience the aging process because we do not take care of our body and we let it suffer the consequences.


One of the most important concerns for men and women is skin aging, the first thing that everyone sees is our face and we don't want unwanted wrinkles Best nursing school in HK  , age spots, fine lines, etc.


Let me give you a few anti aging skin care tips that will help you to have a healthier skin:


1) Avoid the sun as much as possible, the UV rays of the sun is one of the major causes of skin damage.


2) Use sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun, but don't use too much.


3) Follow a daily skin care routine, in the morning and at night: cleanse, tone and moisturize.


4) Use an anti aging product with natural ingredients such as CynergyTk that help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.


5) Take Multi Vitamins to give your body the anti oxidants it needs to fight free radicals.


6) Eat healthy foods full or vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.


7) Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to maintain your skin hydrated, you don't want to drink water just when you are thirsty Humanitarian and Conflict Response.


8) Exercise regularly to maintain your skin firm and let your blood flow through all your body.


9) Avoid stress as much as possible, stress lowers your immune system differences and the environment toxins can affect your body.


10) Use a good moisturizer


Those are some very helpful tips for skin care anti aging that if you follow them you will have a much better looking skin, you will slow the aging process and you will have more energy throughout the day laser treatment.

you are doing your hairstyling yourself

Le 29 septembre 2016, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

As well as planning your style in the months before your wedding you need to try out various styling products so that you can be confident that the ones you are using on the day will make your hair look it's best nu skin hk.


To avoid your hair being flat use most styling product on the roots.


Hair products from the same range are designed to work together.


Have a trial run with your veil and tiara on the style you have chosen. To fix them into your hair, use clear combs and matt grips in a similar shade to your hair. If it's practical, keep them in your hair for a few hours to make sure they nu skin have staying power and to avoid having a slipping veil and tiara on the day.


Last but not least relax and enjoy your day :o)


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